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Lives of Doctor Wives: March 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Facebook group!

Hey all! The blog may be slow, but you can always join us for some discussions on the Facebook group! We have found the Facebook group format and privacy much more conducive to lively and interactive discussions. It is a fun and active group and a great place for support. We really hope you will join us there! There is a page above that has the link for the Facebook group. Come and join us!

Post residency

Have any of you who are past residency find that anything changes?
Because financially of course it does but I mean emotionally, time wise. I feel that my husband is even more busy now we see him less he is attending now so he is always on the phone before when his shift was done he passed the pager but now the patients are his own and so he is responsible 24/7. He hasnt had 1 day off since September! Yes, I am driving a nice car and carrying my stuff is a Louis Vouitton now but I still dont have a husband!!!! Im sorry if im ranting, kinda sucks to be so angry on a Monday morning.