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Lives of Doctor Wives: Med School Madness

Monday, April 7, 2014

Med School Madness

Excuse me, I was told we would have time for all of this.

Time is an odd thing.  As a wise LDW wife said long ago 'the time goes fast but somedays are long'.  When I first heard that little bit of wisdom, my husband had just started MS and I thought my days were a bit on the long side. I was not a huge fan of those days and hoped this whole thing would just go by as fast as possible.  Fast forward to a couple years later and now my husband needs to figure out the whole match process.  Today, he finalized his fourth year schedule  and that took a huge load off our shoulders.  He also narrowed down the list of programs he would like to be a part of one day and hopefully match in one of them.   It was a pretty big deal and we are happy to be done with all of that.  BUT,  before all that happened, I was asked this morning if we had all the details for next year set and of course I thought, 'not really but we have time'.  Turns out, WE HAD time.  We now had deadlines looming super close and we needed to get our stuff together.  Time is up, turn in your stuff! That line keeps running through my head as the day comes to a close.  Time is definitely up for some stuff and I'm still asking 'where did the time go? I though we had like six more months, no? Darn.

Seriously, what happened. Last I checked, he started med school and we had a huge move.  We settled then moved again and  'mother of pearl' as my six year old says (don't judge), we started checking out new towns today.  It just keeps on happening! Time keeps on moving.  I was reminded  that my while my husband has been in medical school my son kept growing, our marriage continued to have anniversaries and our parents got older.  I'm a little sad we haven't enjoyed all things but I am so thankful for the things we made time to enjoy.   I'm glad my husband 'wasted' some study time with us.  I'm really glad we grabbed a date whenever we had a chance, even if it was just a quick walk together.  I will forever be thankful we called grandma B one too many times when we lived away from her.  Heck, I'm glad I enjoyed KC's bbq often and I'm definitely glad I visited a certain museum until my little heart was content.  My point is this, live life and don't put stuff on hold.  Since time keeps ongoing, make sure you keep going too.

I share all these things hoping someone is encouraged.  Not encouraged because we got some stuff done today, who cares about us but encouraged that we felt like we needed more time.  I hope this reminds someone whose days are LONG to hang in there because these days are not permanent.  Neither good or bad days are here to stay, they all come to an end.  So, no matter where you are in the journey I hope you were reminded to just keep on going, whatever light you are looking for will come soon enough, sometimes sooner than you'd like!

Carpe diem or something like it!


PS- join the LDW Facebook page, these ladies are awesome and chances are that if you need a girlfriend who gets it, you'll find a few girls who get it.  Local meet ups are happening all the time.  Can't wait to meet you!

"When your life flashes before your eyes, make sure you've got plenty to watch." Unknown

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