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Lives of Doctor Wives: Residency Roundup: After the Interview

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Residency Roundup: After the Interview

Many MS4 families have completed one or more interviews! Congratulations on starting yet another step in the 'process'.:)
The first wave of interviews brings a new onslaught of information and pressure.  How are you ever going to rank all these programs??  Below are a few points to ponder as you and your DrH prepare for your rank list.

  • Rank each program after each interview.  Another family ranked different aspects of the programs (COL, research, salary...) and compiled an average score for each program.  We just generally put each program at the top, middle, or bottom of the list with an explanation. 
    • First impressions- DrH should write them down while on his return flight home.  This was the most important for us.  We went with our guts on the majority of the rank list.  
    • Personal Priorities- Academic prestige, research opportunity, average case numbers and variety, home/in house call, proximity to relatives, parking pass...etcetera.  What are DrH's career goals? What procedures do you want to learn? Will your family be comfortable? 
    • Co-residents, Attendings, and Staff- Are they people you can be around? What is the atmosphere? Our bottom rank was due to a program director getting sloppy drunk and telling inappropriate stories.  
    • Facilities and Human Resources- Insurance coverage, meal plans, vacation requests. 
    • Housing locations- Would it work for your family? Jobs? School? Transportation?

Three years ago as we 'made' our rank list interview by interview, we continued to remind ourselves that  matching is left up to a computer program.

We ranked 15 programs

#1 DrH's Dream residency spot.
#2 Solid program, low COL, Family Friendly
#3 Close to Family
#4 Great personality match, 2 hrs from family
#5 Good program, low COL
#6 Medical School program, wouldn't have to move
#7-#14 No particular order
#15 Rather go here than nowhere

We are grateful to have matched at #4.  When we opened the match letter, we both didn't even remember this program on our list... but ten minutes after the match the program director called to welcome DrH into the program and we have felt blessed to be here since.

Happy and Safe Travels to all interviews!

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Blogger Lauro said...

just visiting from medical mondays! as my hubby has just had a few interviews, I am really loving this list of things to consider when ranking programs after interviews. it's interesting to see which of things in this list will be priorities over others.
best of luck to all!

November 4, 2013 at 9:48 AM  

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