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Lives of Doctor Wives: Survivor Stories-The Journey

Monday, October 7, 2013

Survivor Stories-The Journey

Last month, Dr. H and I had the extreme pleasure of attending the most beautiful wedding I have ever experienced. Experienced is truly the word.  It was meticulously planned to be a grand experience from the moment you entered the lavish hall for the ceremony and were greeted by staff with trays of  gorgeous beverages. This day was especially sweet for those loved ones and friends invited to witness this union since the bride has suffered through breast cancer in the past few years. Upon pronouncing man and wife, an actual choir appeared as if from thin air and began to sing “oh happy day”. This was a complete surprise not only to all of the guests, but also to the wedding party and the bride and groom. It had been a very special surprise from their parents.

As the wedding evening moved forward, we were treated to a lovely cocktail hour, three course meal, a sweet and savory buffet and many musical interludes both orchestral and big band. It was just fabulous! Throughout this  night, many of their friends and family gave toasts and told stories of the bride and groom. The thing that struck me most, was that not once was the word cancer uttered. Not one time. Many spoke of their challenges and tests and the couple's absolute love and resolve for each other. That word was  not to be spoken of and not to be given the time to negate their joy. But also, not to lessen it’s impact on their journey to this place. 

This made me consider our own journey here. So many times when people visit our new attending-era home, they say things like “you earned it” or “I know you are thinking it is about time”! Although I absolutely appreciate the solidarity and recognition of the sacrifices made, I realize that I  really don’t think of this stage that way. This life is much like the word not uttered in that beautiful wedding, it is not the focus but the journey. That journey made our marriage stronger, our faith stretch and our parenting skills sharper. We were all forced to examine ourselves deeper and to find joy when there often was none. We are better people because of it. That journey has made me who I am as a person, a wife, a parent and a citizen in this world. So those of you in the thick of it, I challenge you to consider the thought that one day you will not look back on training as a terrible time or as something to be forgotten. Embrace it. Embrace this journey, every lonely night, missed holiday, forgotten special moment. Own it. Use those experiences to move forward as a couple, as parents and as people. Dr. H is not the only one training for greatness!


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