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Lives of Doctor Wives: No Kicking Allowed!

Monday, October 14, 2013

No Kicking Allowed!

Interview season is upon us! What a weird transition. Countless hours have been spent pouring over every little detail in pursuit of this huge dream of medical school. All for the sole purpose of obtaining an interview and then hopefully, acceptance. And now...we wait. There are no more tests to take and no more essays to write. It is out of our hands and we don't quite know what to do with ourselves.

And then...the chatter starts. "My hubby got an interview at fill-in-the-blank!" Those joyful exclamations from my fellow pre-med comrades send fear coursing through my veins. Don't get me wrong, getting connected with the Lives of Doctor Wives crew and The Pre-Med Wives Club on Facebook has been so good for me. I love hearing about your experiences, both good and bad. This process can be an isolating one and I will never underestimate the value of community again. But still...when I hear about your interviews and your successes, I find myself reacting in the strangest of ways. I seem to have developed an unhealthy three-step process (maybe a coping mechanism?) and it usually looks a little bit like this...

1) Wow! Congratulations! That's awesome! So exciting! Hip-hip-hooray!

2) Oh. Well, I guess that means fill-in-the-blank must be scheduling their interviews. Hmmm, I wonder why we haven't heard anything? Are we at the bottom of the list? Did we not make the list? The sky is falling! (Dramatic, I know.)

3) Lastly, after the excitement wears off, and the fear begins to kick in, what's left is this...a strong desire to kick you in the shin. I know. So mature. This process is so exhausting that every now and again I find myself regressing into a jealous 1st grader, incapable of processing complex emotions.

Anyone else experiencing this phenomenon? Just keepin' it real, y'all.

And then, last Friday happened. My dear hubby got an interview! At one of the best schools in the state! Now you want to kick me in the shin, right? And that's okay. I, of all people, will not judge you. Kick away.

Have you ever heard the phrase "dangers of comparison"? Those three little words have come to my mind over and over again recently. I am learning that there's truth to it. Big time. Comparing our journey to someone else's is not only dangerous, it is counterproductive. Some might get so many interview invitations that they have to decline a few. Or maybe only one. Or none at all and have to repeat the process again next year. And all of these scenarios are okay, because it all becomes a part of our story.

I hope that your story has a happy ending this interview season. Shin-kicking jokes aside, I really do. There are only so many spots to fill and I sincerely hope that your husband proudly claims one of them. Mine too, of course! Because at the end of the day, we need doctors who have passionately pursued this endeavor and left everything on the line. Even though the wait might be excruciating, remember that it will end soon. As you support your man, stretch your bank account for travel expenses, and deal with the uncertainty that is sure to come, please know that a redheaded gal in Texas is rooting for you.

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Blogger 3 mre day and school is over!! said...

Hi Natalie! I'm very glad I found this post! Well, I myself am not a medical student nor Pre-med. I just got my bachelors and I'm waiting to see where my boyfriend matches in order to start my grad school applications. I am so incredibly nervouse about all this. Unfortunately my boyfriend did not match last year and it's his second time going through this process. Last year he got three interviews and this year he has not gotten an interview yet! I am honestly freaking out because I know how stressed he is and I've also put my studies on hold waiting for all this, and it's so difficult for me to seem calm and relaxed about all this around him. His exam scores are good, I'm not sure why he's had terrible luck with all this. I really hope he hears from a program soon

October 15, 2013 at 2:27 PM  
Blogger thehappyredhead said...

Howdy! Thanks for reading and commenting! First of all, I hope he hears from a program soon too! And do not be discouraged...not matching on the first try is common. The fact that he is pushing through and trying again is a good sign. This process is difficult and requires a certain level of tenacity. It sounds like you and your boyfriend both have what it takes.
I know the waiting is so stressful. My advice for you is this...press onward, keep the end in mind, celebrate even the smallest of victories, and try to enjoy the journey along the way.
Take care and best of luck to you both!

October 15, 2013 at 7:26 PM  

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