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Lives of Doctor Wives: Family Fun

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Family Fun

If you didn't get a change to read Bea's post on Finding Equanimity about Planning for Fun, I encourage you to do so. She really brings up a great point that if you want to do something with your spouse or family, whether it be going for a walk, getting chores done, or sitting around and relaxing together, you need to add it to your schedule and really make sure you follow through. Life can get overwhelming and if you don't take the time to work on relationships and have fun, even if it is just by yourself, things can get out of hand and the important stuff can fall through the cracks.

This got me thinking and as I was looking around the other day for bargains and inspirational posts, I stumbled upon this great post on Small Notebook about Pocket Change Date Night Ideas and how as medical students and residents we have such a tight budget, but still have needs to satisfy. This really hit a chord with me as I still remember the best date I ever had with Tom. We were still at college and hadn't been married that long, so things were new and exciting. We didn't have anything to do one night and were in the car thinking about what would be fun to do......but we didn't have any money really. We had some change in the car glove box and a full tank of gas. So we drove from Stillwater, OK to Tulsa. When we got there, we scraped together enough change to grab a bunch of $0.10 tacos and see a movie at the $0.25 movie theatre. We had the best time and I bet we didn't have more than $2.00 on us! Tom still talks about how much fun that was, him being a rich boy this was not something he was used to doing, hehe. But we loved it and we loved the fun time together and it hardly cost anything. Hopefully these two great posts will help you think of some new ways to keep family a priority!

I want to apologize for not posting in a while and letting the polls slip a little, with graduation, being sick, being pregnant, moving and just life, things have been a little crazy. I will be back on top of it ASAP!

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Blogger Married to a med student - Marissa Nicole said...

Don't you dare apologize! But congrats on all the exciting things going on in your life!

May 13, 2009 at 1:25 PM  

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