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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


How do you kep your marriage alive and exciting with so little time and for some also so little money?


Blogger Married to a med student - Marissa Nicole said...

These things may not keep things alive and exciting but these are some of the cheap things we do in our spare time:
Evening walks;
Bike rides (we haven't done it yet but we want to use the local paths and also go for icecream);
Little dates like going for icecream, dessert or coffee;
We also charge EVERYTHING that can be charged (we pay nothing in cash) and then use our credit card points to get restaurant gift certificates;
We purchase those half price gift certificates;
We also SCHEDULE (I know its horrible) time alone or "Marissa time" or "Drew time" in which we devote 100% attention to the other (even if it is only a half hour) - often times this involves laying on the couch snuggling and watching TV or a movie - but it is often one of our favorite things to do!

May 13, 2009 at 1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most of the time our extra time is spent on the kids...walks, trips to the park, tacos at Taco Bell, we splurge on ice cream or have dessert that I make. We budget $80 a week for "entertainment" and "extra stuff grocery money didn't take care of" every week and usually go out to eat a couple times on this, or use it for a date night every once in a while. We have a wonderful couple who we trade off with on occasion for babysitting. We get the boys in bed by 8:00pm and have at least 2 nights a week where we can just hang out for at least an hour or two if possible. I work online at night tutoring, so sometimes if his schedule and mine don't mesh, we have to wait a little time for that. We talk a lot. We talk about everything and we plan. We are always on the same page for most things. When we do go out, it is usually dinner and a movie or dinner and coffee. One of our favorite things to do is eat out, so it is a treat to do it without the boys.

We probably sound boring, but we have been together since we were teenagers. We know each other inside and out. We probably act more like a little old couple than anything, but we love it. I think we just accept that one day when he is done, we will have more money and can do more of the things we like to do (museums, concerts, dinners out, entertainent, etc...)

One thing that has spiced things up lately? We have both lost weight and started working out a lot more.

May 13, 2009 at 2:43 PM  

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