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Lives of Doctor Wives: Survivor Saturday--My "Survival" Websites

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Survivor Saturday--My "Survival" Websites

I was reading through some of my favorite websites recently, and I realized how much I truly owe to the Internet for helping me survive my husband's residency. Not only was it a constant source of entertainment during those long, lonely call nights, but it also helped me get through those first months of motherhood when my family (and, many times) my husband couldn't be there to help. Here is a short list of my go-to websites--the ones that helped me then, and the ones that continue to help me during my husband's current wacky work schedule:

1. Mamasource.com--After I had my son almost three years ago, my mother told me about this website that she had discovered through an old high school friend of mine. All I had to do was enter my zip code, and I was immediately connected to other moms in my community. It was an amazing resource for me when I had so many questions as a new mother, and I didn't want to be constantly calling my mom or my pediatrician for answers. Other moms (like other wives) are such incredible founts of knowledge. I learned so much about different lifestyles and different ways of parenting. I also met an amazing group of mothers, who allowed my son and I to join their little play group. Those were my son's first experiences with other children, and he always had a great time, as did I. When we knew we would be moving back to our home state after B graduated from residency, I entered my new zip code into the Mamasource website and immediately asked about any moms groups in my new home town. I found a great one which is organized through a different website, and now, I'm one of the co-organizers! My son and I have learned so much about our new town and all its wonderful opportunities for families, and it's all because of this one website!

2. The Food Network's website--I've always loved watching "The Food Network", since its early days on cable TV. I've found over the years that the chefs have become more accessible to the average home cook, and their recipes have become easier to recreate. What I've always loved about the channel and its website is that I'll watch a show and think, "I can do that here at home." Then, I'll go to the website, look at the recipe, and realize that I actually can do it. I'm a huge fan of Giada de Laurentiis, and lately, I've been making more and more of her dinner and dessert recipes. Rachael Ray's meal ideas can also be very easy and great for kids. I always feel good when I make a healthy meal for my family, and the Food Network's website has helped me to do it more over the years.

3. My local hometown's website--This is different for everyone, but I've found the websites of the last few cities in which I've lived to be very helpful resources. My current hometown's site lists all the parks and trails in the city, several community events, and other pertinent information. Our parks and recreation department here is just amazing. They have activities for all ages, and everything is accessible through the website. My son and I recently attended a party for preschoolers at one of our community centers, and it just took a few clicks through the city's website to sign him up for the event. I can also find out about the hours of our local farmers' market and the schedule for the city pools. I highly recommend that anyone Google his/her local city's website and discover what's happening there.

4. Twitter.com and Facebook.com--Okay, so maybe these sites didn't help me survive residency, especially since I don't even think either of them existed five years ago. Or, if they did, I didn't know about them. However, they have helped me keep in touch with old friends (and new ones) more recently, and they are endless sources of entertainment. Also, I sometimes get updates and information on amazing events happening in my area or in my old hometown. I find both websites most helpful during my husband's super busy call shifts after my son's gone to bed.

5. Blogger.com--This one is pretty obvious. I still write posts for my very first blog on Blogger. With absolutely no previous coding experience, I've been able to keep my family and friends connected with what's been happening with my little family. Many of my friends use Blogger for the very same reason. It has allowed me to learn so much about myself as a writer. I've discovered a real enjoyment in expressing myself in this way. It has become one of my favorite creative outlets. Also, it has helped me connect with a lot of amazing women who are going through many of the same situations that I experienced just a few years ago. If "Lives of Doctor Wives" had been around then, it would have definitely been number one on this list!

There are many other great sites on the Internet, but these are the ones that I've visited the most over the past few years. I hope they're helpful to all of you, too!
Amanda--wife of an OB/GYN and current "survivor"

Edit to add: I just remembered that another great site for me is Netflix.com. For about $20 a month, I've been able to see more movies at home by myself or with my hubby over the past several years, than I've been able to go to the movie theater to see or to the video store to rent. The website is so user friendly, my movies come in the mail in about a day, I get to have three movies at a time, and there are no late fees. Plus, now that my husband as an XBox 360, we can stream some movies through his game system directly from our NetFlix account. Sorry if I sound like a commercial, but I've really enjoyed my membership, and it's helped me through some long call nights!

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Blogger MW said...

Thanks! You inspired me to try a new recipe last night, and R really appreciated it. :)

Granted, I didn't get it from the Food Network website, but...same idea.

May 31, 2009 at 10:03 PM  
Blogger Amanda said...

Really, there are a lot of websites containing great recipes out there. I just chose "The Food Network" site because it seems to be the one I go to the most to be inspired (when none of my cookbooks do it for me). Some of the moms in my play group also started this recipe blog: http://momtestedkidapproved.blogspot.com/. It's full of great ideas if you have kids, and it also contains the recipes from many of our make-ahead meal play dates (throw everything into a freezer bag, freeze it, thaw it out for dinner later). Those play dates have really helped me stay out of a rut when it comes to cooking for my boys.

June 1, 2009 at 2:53 PM  

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