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Lives of Doctor Wives: PreMed Perspective: Still Waiting...

Monday, April 28, 2014

PreMed Perspective: Still Waiting...

We are in a good position.

Scratch that. We are in a GREAT position.

Two Top 30 school acceptances, one which is in our hometown, literally across the street from our place, which we rent from a sweet 92-year-old lady who is the dream land lady. Please join us in daily prayers for her health.

We know we are tremendously blessed.

We are two weeks from the deadline before he can't have two acceptances. The plan had always been to go where the money was if it came to multiple acceptances. The problem is, it is radio silence on the financial aid front.

Sure, we have filled out the FASFA, had them tell us that though we are married and DH will be 29 this year, and we have lived independently for years both single and married, they expect his pastor dad and homemaker mom to contribute $15k a year (ya, that'll happen), but we have no real answers.

Truthfully, I am kinda tired of no answers.

In fact, one of the schools has already said that they will not release financial aid packages until July, you know that month that comes after the month that comes after the month we have to make the decision. Helpful.

As we all know, everything about this journey is about waiting. Waiting for applications, waiting for secondaries, waiting for interview invites, waiting for interviews, waiting for answers, waiting, waiting, waiting...

What I am trying to focus on though, is that we get to wait. Many are waiting to see if they are going to get off waiting lists and other candidates no longer get to wait, or are waiting for the next cycle to try again. So I am happy to wait to see who may provide us with the most resources. An announcement worth waiting for.

If you are waiting for the next cycle, my thoughts are with you, and we will wait for you to join us next year.

We are used to it.


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