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Lives of Doctor Wives: Residency Roundup: The Next Step!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Residency Roundup: The Next Step!

What next step is awaiting your medical family this June or July??

In June, my DrH transitions from being a junior resident to a senior resident! We finally get to say good riddance to primary call! 

No more attempting to sleep at the hospital waiting for crazy things to happen!  As a PGY4 and chief (PGY5) resident, we can plan DrH sleeping in our home every night!  Of course with this change the nightly back-up call pages will begin and our sleep could be interrupted... but at least we can rely on seeing DrH more!  

The preparation of the next two months has my head spinning: finishing up PGY3 (including the remaining 14 on-call night shifts), Child #1 finishing Kindergarten, Child #3 entering the world in 3 weeks, deciding if a fellowship is in our future, and watching our Med school friends and family prepare to move to ridiculously far away residencies.  

Each of you has your own preparations to make as this transition approaches. Good luck and enjoy what you can!  Brighter horizons are ahead.

Happy Spring!

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