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Lives of Doctor Wives: Med school madness-Moving

Monday, February 11, 2013

Med school madness-Moving

Moving again?!

We have entered moving season in the medical world. A very exciting time to be sure, even if we don't know where we are moving to. We are medical families. We don't need to know such ordinary details. We just know that we are moving.

Some are getting ready to move for third and fourth year rotations, others are busy ranking residencies all over the country and some of you are planning for that last leg of the journey called fellowship. Whatever your case is, know that a lot of us are going through the same thing and I really think most of us go through some of the same emotions. We are super excited to be moving one day and the next we'd rather not move ever again and hate the whole thing. Some med wives will be moving with very little help from your other halves. Our dear husbands will be in the middle of boards around move time, others are just working all day, every day, and a few of you brave souls have husbands who will have to move before you so they're just not physically able to attend your moving day.

With our upcoming move in June or July, I am experiencing a great amount of happiness as we are moving 'back home'. We are excited that our five year old will play with his cousins whenever he wants. I am grateful that we will have babysitting by grand parents again. I am looking forward to those little things. With all that happiness, I forget sometimes that we have no idea how this move will actually happen. We had plan A and of course, it will not work out at all. A certain company will not rent us a trailer to move stuff since we drive a Ford Explorer. We don't really want to rent a huge, yellow truck because we honestly don't need it. We got rid of so many things to ensure this move would be light, quick and it would not require a 'big yellow truck'. Hubby doesn't want to drive a huge truck for 700 miles ever again. Plan B will come, this I know. I just hope it comes before the week of the move.

Perhaps you are a tad nervous yourself and stressing out over the wheres, hows and whens of it all. If you are, I wish I could share every horror story I've seen or lived when it comes to moving. Not to add to your stress, but to let you know how at the end of it we turned out fine and some have managed to be very happy. Things have a tendency to work out and be fine. Moving companies eventually get hired or someone helps you move last minute. Those 'rent unseen' places turn out fine. We eventually find the right school for our kids. It takes time, energy and some stress but it usually all works out.

Moving during the medical training can be especially trying for those of us who are a bit Type A or have 'control issues'. Before medical school I needed to know and plan for everything. Med school has taught me to be more flexible, to constantly adjust my attitude and roll with whatever comes. A flexible attitude didn't make all problems go away but it helped me deal with some unexpected and unpleasant things. Most med wives I know are fairly flexible, maybe not by nature but by trade. There so many things in the journey that are not what we expected that we just learned to go with it. If you are moving now or sometime very soon, wherever you are going and however you get there, I wish you all a happy or at least an uneventful move day.

Please join us at our Facebook group where we have discussed moving at great length, everything from our new cities to what moving services we have used to get us there.

Happy trails all!


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Blogger Joanna said...

Judith I feel like this post was talking to ME! I needed this reassurance! Thank you!

February 10, 2013 at 8:33 PM  
Blogger Judith said...

Fantastic!!! Good luck, I am assuming you will be moving. :)

February 10, 2013 at 8:46 PM  

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