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Lives of Doctor Wives: Ready to POP!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ready to POP!

So, as I have stated before, I am due with #2 baby boy on June 21st, they are thinking that we can induce earlier like we did with Grant, however, we spoke to the PD yesterday and wanted to know if there was anything we could do ahead of time to prolong the time that Tom could stay home with the 3 of us. The PD said, "Not really but I don't think it's in any one's best interest for you to start your residency July 1st, would you like to start August 1st? September 1st?" The program director has been great from the get go, so while this was shocking, it followed in the pattern of his kindness.

My question is, has anyone dealt with this before or what does this mean in terms of when we finish or vacation/FMLA? My fear is that Tom will be viewed "behind" or the other 3 might get to be really close and then he will be seen as the "straggler".....do you think these are valid concerns or do you think he should take the time that is offered? I was thinking maybe he could take off until July 15th or August 1st, at the latest, or do you think we should just start on time and suck it up?

Sara R, I don't know if this is an option for you either, but know that you are due the week after me.....have you talked to your PD about any of these concerns?



Blogger Melisa said...

If it were me, I'd start with everyone else in July. Other residents might not take kindly to his preferential treatment. Just my opinion. I think it is great he gave you an option. He sounds like a very understanding guy.

March 22, 2009 at 2:42 PM  
Blogger Davita said...

I wouldn't postpone your start date. For one, I think it would be depressing to watch everyone else in your year graduate while you have to stay on 1-3 months longer after they are all gone and another year of residents start on.

For what it is worth, we have no family near by [everyone is 1,000+ miles away] and I had our 3rd child via repeat c-section during DH's last surgical intern month in which he was on ortho trauma, in June. He got 3 days off. And then June was followed by 3 more months of ortho trauma hell in which was he was an R2 and expected to know things and pull his weight. It was rough, but we survived.

I would also be concerned about pay. He won't get paid while on FMLA. Also, will the start date of his benefits be delayed? And there is a very good chance that the other 3 interns in his class will become close and it will be hard for him to be squeezed in later. Although they never worked together during their intern year, DH's classmates [there are 4 of them] really bonded that first year, especially during those first months. They went through orientation and certification together and did countless social things in those first few months [golfing, bbqs, hanging out ect]. And there is a chance that his classmates and the other interns [and residents] may look on his delay poorly. The program really takes a hit when they are one person down. DH's program let a resident go at the beginning of this academic year and EVERYONE has had to make up for his absence.

March 26, 2009 at 10:38 AM  

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