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Lives of Doctor Wives: Looking back

Friday, June 20, 2014

Looking back

As we began preparing for our final move for Drh real job I began to think about our journey.  I have been with Drh the entire process, from studying for MCAT to applying to medical school, on down to interviewing for real jobs. When we moved from medical school to residency 14 hours away from family we were both excited and nervous.  We bought our first home in a neighborhood full of other residence families.  Drh program starts the week before July 1st. I was/am a school teacher and was off during the summer.  Now imagine being 14 hours away from home with Drh working 90+ hours a week and knowing no one other than through passing.  I had met some girls that husbands were in the same residency program as my husband but were PGY2.  They had mentioned on Fridays they had play groups at someones house.  Well after two weeks of vacuuming my house daily and eating dinner by myself I was ready to call it quits and move back home; I showed up at play group with out a child (thought about bringing my cat!!). At first it was strange and very intimating.  Here I am at this girl's house that I barley know and she hosting play group with all of these other moms.   The two hours passed very quickly and I was so thankful to have adult conversation.  I started going to play groups on a regular bases and got to be pretty close to some of the other wives.  You never know you might find your self in a similar situation. I encourage you as we approach a new medical year to get out and meet new people!! You never know where you might find your life long BFF!



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