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Lives of Doctor Wives: Christmas Gifts on a Budget from a PRO!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Gifts on a Budget from a PRO!

During this season, I become rather nostalgic for all those ideas I came up with to stretch our tiny budget during this season of GIVING! Our list seemed to grow with each child and activity but our training budget remained the same!
Instead of my usual blog on post-training/survivor stories, I will share a bit of my knowledge.
    Mellissa Henson's  Top 10 Inexpensive teacher/coach/friend gifts on the medical family budget.

  1.  Movie Basket 
    •  5 dollar gift card to Red Box (you can print them off online) 
    •  10 for 10 candy at Walgreens
    •  2 bottles of coke 
    •  microwave popcorn. 
  2.  Personalized Ceramic Tile 
    • Tiles from Lowe’s (1.49) 
    •  Vinyl name (The Henson Family with a scroll H, etc...) cut on my Silhouette 
    •  50 cent frame stand (Michaels with the coupon)    
  3. Personalized Plate with Cooking Accessories : 
    •  Plastic Holiday Plate from Dollar Tree 
    •  Vinyl name cut on my silhouette 
    •  Recipe Cards (Dollar Tree)
    •  Cookie Cutters ( Dollar Tree) 
  4.  Beach basket (for teacher who was doing a Christmas Cruise) 
    • Plastic Bright Basket (Dollar Tree) 
    •  Beach towel (on clearance since it is WINTER) 
    •  Sunscreen 
    •  Travel Bath and Body Works lotion/shower gel (Outlet) 
    • Magazine 
    • Crossword Puzzles (Dollar Tree) 
  5.  Christmas Kitchen Accessories
    •  Christmas/Holiday Tea Towels (Ross on Clearance)
    •  Wooden Spoons 
    • Recipe Cards 
    • Tied with Fabric Ribbon
  6.  Homemade Cinnabon Bread (mix is 3 bucks at Sam’s-my friend was a member). 
  7.  Personalized Glass Ornaments 
    • Glass Ornaments
    • Glitter and Pledge Floor Cleaner (used to coat inside of the ornaments)
    •  Personalized with Vinyl from my Silhouette 
  8.  Journals with Pens 
    • Pack of 4 “chic” journals from Barnes and Noble (on the clearance table) 
    • Fancy Pens (from that same clearance table) 
    • Tied together with Fabric Ribbon and a little poem on the gift tag
  9.  Personalized Coffee Mugs 
    1. Coffee Travel Mug (Dollar Tree or Hobby Lobby with coupon) 
    2. Personalized with Outdoor Vinyl from my Silhouette (for better wear and tear) 
    3. $5.00 Starbucks Gift Card 
  10.  Hair Accessories (gifts for my daughter’s friends) 
    •  Pack of Hair Ties/Headbands at Kate Spade or Juicy Couture (clearance)
    •  Organza Bags (Hobby Lobby with coupon)
    • Separate the pack into one or two in each bag
Happy Holidays!!


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