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Lives of Doctor Wives: Monthly Recap ~ New Feature!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monthly Recap ~ New Feature!

We thought it would be a great idea to see what everyone has been up to this last month and what has been going on in your lives! Please share with us so we can all get to know each other better!

In hospital news: My husband was on Family Medicine teaching service in July and had a good time. He really liked the resident's he was working with and the attendings were great too! In MI when you were post call, you left in the morning after check out because you were near the hour cut off and it was your day off to enjoy. Here they like to work you for as long as they can, which might mean even sending you to the clinic to do the entire morning clinic schedule after working all the day and night before.....that we didn't like. But we are thrilled for the job and being near to family! We have heard that this month's schedule might be from 5am-9pm so we are waiting to see what happens!

In family news: We finally closed on our house on the 31st and spent the entire weekend painting. I have started taking things over to the house and hopefully if I ever see my hubby again this month, we will move in ASAP! :) Grant & Morgan love the stairs in the house and can't wait to get all the toys unpacked.

What's happening in your neck of the woods?



Blogger Katie said...

In Med School news: My husband started his first day of his second year today. His schedule is mostly from 8-2 every day, but he plans on staying until 5 to do reading, that way when he gets home we can have dinner together and he can continue reading/studying if he needs to. I was spoiled because he had the whole summer off and we spent every day together except one week when he went on a medical mission trip to Jamaica to work in the clinics.

In family news: Only 3 1/2 more months to go until our little girl will be here. She's set to arrive the day after Thanksgiving, but I'm hoping she'll be a week early (hahah... yeah right! If only I could do that!) My project while the hubs is at school is to clean/organize/set up the nursery :)

August 2, 2010 at 7:17 PM  
Blogger Melisa said...

LOVE the idea, Lex, thanks!!!

July was great for us! Hello PGY4! WAHOO! Senior call has been fabulous!

On the home front, we are enjoying sleeping in, playing at the pool, and trips to the library.

August 2, 2010 at 7:52 PM  
Blogger Mrs T #3 said...

Med school news: My MSIV husband is on his second month of an ortho AI...as such he is a happy camper :) Getting lots of experience. And we have begun the infamous ERAS process...

Family news: Our first baby, a boy, will be here in 2 weeks or less! Looking forward to spending time as a new family (husband gets 3 weeks off as a "child development elective"!)....but then we have to say goodbye as he is off to 2 back to back away rotations in ortho. Hoping new baby and I can travel to see him!

August 2, 2010 at 7:56 PM  
Blogger Liz said...

My husband just started his PGY4 in ortho. His program in Fort Wayne IN had closed, so we had to transfer for his last 2 years. We moved to California in the middle of June and he began his 4th year at Stanford in July. It's been quite the adjustment for us and our two little boys. Aiden will be 5 in October, and Devin's 2nd birthday is Wednesday! Trying to settle in, adjust to a new area, learn a new program, make new friends, and plan a birthday party have left me pretty overwhelmed. My husbands hours seem to be a lot worse than before, but I'm hoping it's just the Trauma rotation he is on right now. It's starting to get a little better, but just as we are feeling like we have a handle on things, he is starting to get things together for Fellowship interviews. Ugh! What a journey we are on huh ladies??

August 2, 2010 at 8:05 PM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Med School News: My husband started his third year with a family medicine rotation and just attended the AFMA conference in Kansas City. He has been wavering between wanting to do family medicine and ENT and while there kept daydreaming about ENT so it sounds like that is the direction we are headed :)

Family News: We got a fish for our one year wedding anniversary! No kids yet because we are scared to try it during school but there has been more talk recently of having kids vs not having kids ;)

August 2, 2010 at 8:32 PM  
Blogger Sybil said...

Hospital news: I have been quite surprised to find out that the neonatology fellowship my husband started in April has MUCH BETTER hours than med school or residency! He is working more reasonable hours and he is home a lot doing "research". I am sure it will pick up as the research gets more involved, but right now I am just glad to see him more!

Home news: I am really starting to enjoy my new job. It felt overwhelming at first, but I am starting to feel more at home here (moving 900 miles can do that to you!). We have been "trying" for a baby for almost 2yrs and plan to start IUI or IVF soon. If anyone has been through this, I would love to hear your story/any advice you have!

August 2, 2010 at 10:35 PM  
Blogger Mèimei's little Designs said...

@Liz, I feel your pain. DH is also a PGY4 in ortho and he has also been on Trauma. He was on trauma the summer we had our 3rd as well. Our friends just started fellowship at Stanford. We are also gearing for fellowship applications.

DH's hours have been long. I was so looking forward to the wonderfulness of finally being on "back up" call, but since he's on Trauma we barely get to see him. MWF he has been getting home well after 9pm. He goes in at 6am. He has frequently gone 3 days in row without seeing the kids. It's been exhausting for everyone. The good news is that he has only been taking call 3-4 times a month. Hopefully things will lighten up when he finishes up trauma at the end of Sept.

School starts up for the kids in two weeks. I can't believe that we're going to have a 4th grader and a kindergartener. It will only be half day though. It will be nice to spend some one on one with the little guy.

I know it is still aways out but we plan on spending the winter holiday in Newport Beach, Ca with the in-laws. Hopefully, my parents and brothers will be able to drive down from Northern Ca for a few days. It has been 7 years since I spent a holiday with my family and 4 years since we spent one with DH's family. Can't wait!!

August 3, 2010 at 12:05 AM  
Blogger Adriana said...

Residency- Hubs is enjoying being a chief resident. He is on the GYN service and couldn't be happier to spend all of his time in the OR. We are getting used to chief call which is every fourth night and every fourth weekend although it is much more weeknight call because one of his classmates is getting close to having a baby and is no longer taking weeknight call. The next few months are going to be rough rotations and amounts of call so we are enjoying the easy schedule while we can. We have also started to talk to some of the practices that are looking to hire a 2011 grad. We are in the very early stages of our job search which is very exciting.

Family- We are getting ready to make a trip back to KS to see the family. My sister is having a baby soon so I am very anxious to meet our first niece/nephew. I haven't seen my mom since Feb (the longest time ever) so I am super ready to be home. We are also getting ready to start school with our first kindergartner and a preschooler. Keep trying to figure out where this summer went.

August 3, 2010 at 11:15 AM  
Blogger Elissa said...

Hospital news: Hubby is getting settled into his 5th and final year of general surgery. He is one of two admin chiefs and so that takes up a little more time. So far this year is good, fewer weekend call, yay!! I have been busy sending off all his medical licensing stuff for next year's fellowship in another state.

Home front: Planning a 4th birthday party for this Friday, started flag football for our almost 4 year old (probably should have waited another year, but he loves it). Little 20 month old brother loves getting into all of big brothers stuff. Trying to figure out if we should start trying for baby #3 to be due right before we move for fellowhip or wait a few months and move when we are a few months pregnant. I've had 2 c/s, so I'd like to keep my same dr. Any ideas??? Email me!! Good luck this year!

August 3, 2010 at 3:23 PM  
Blogger Komal said...

I got engaged to my MS IV boyfriend of almost 4 years! We met a year before he started Med School and have been long distance ever since he started. We just moved to Chicago for his 4th yr rotations and are living together after 3 years apart. Life could not be better, planning our wedding and being together are things that seemed so far away just a couple of months ago =) We're looking forward to getting married before residency starts!

August 6, 2010 at 3:12 PM  
Blogger Colleen said...

Med school, year 4: Well, we are excited to know that in less than 9months we will actually know where we are moving to for Residency, but not looking forward to the year of out-of-state rotations, interviews all around the country, and crazy schedules...I have had less than a week's taste so far, and I'm wondering, like always, how I am going to make it.

Me n the boys are gearing up for school to start on August 16. Unlike most mothers who are overjoyed when school starts and they get a little daily break from a houseful of children, I am inwardly groaning every time I think about it because it means my lazy days of sleeping in, going to the gym, and whisking my 2 boys on fun outings like library story time, checking out the FW Children's Science Museum, and swimming with friends are over.

I run an in-home preschool.

I currently have 7 children enrolled and interviewing to fill the remaining 4 spots. I love teaching, and I love kids, but I work from 7:15-5:30, so I am glued to my house all day. When I close, I make dinner, run any errands I need to do, do the bathtime/bedtime routine, and then prepare for the next day. I wish, if I had to work, that I could go back to teaching in public school, but with two boys under the age of 3, we could never afford child care even with me working, and we both want me to be at home with our boys. It's exhausting, but necessary, as I'm sure many of you well know.

My boys are super-excited for their friends to come back and play at our house every day, though. :)

August 7, 2010 at 5:58 PM  

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